We make “bombproof” sunglasses with an adjustable built in monofilament band which memorizes the contours of your skull. Spokiz are an invention designed out of neccessity and lifestyle for the working man, active people, and special needs (special people).

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MISSION STATEMENT  Our mission is simply to make your glasses last longer while offering maximized comfort and durability. We also repurpose/reincarnate other manufacture’s broken frames giving them a second life and saving them from the landfill.

Shelby is available in black and silver

Spokiz are now available at NOLS Rocky Mountain in Lander Wyoming-super stoked to build glasses for this great organization! The leader in wilderness Education.

Spokiz  returned from the international climbing festival in lander Wyoming and for the first time shared our product with the climbing community. We  support the festival and embrace  a sport founded on passion, principle, personal growth, and goal attainment. Climbers in the beginning never had sponsors, they were self funded, and they climbed because they loved it! They lived in the moment and tomorrow was a bonus for another chance to further their self realization. They only used what they needed and left the rest. And for the old school climbers the experiences were so profound that documenting them would be redundancy. Ego wasn’t!

We were priveledged to meet the world’s best climbers and several  who’s passion created the world of sport and free climbing. They developed a path for others and influenced what  is now a huge business.

John Long is an iconic climber celebrated author, and humble human  who has changed the world soloing first ascents on big rock in Yosemite and beyond. To go where no man has gone before, exploring  and discovering new galaxies within our own, and beyond. We subscribe to his philosophy and consider our encounter not of chance. He is “UNHINGED”

 ”THE MAN” who put the Shizzle in climbing. The following is a quote by John Long: also spokiz  new mantra!

 ”I would never again underestimate the seriousness of a big traditional rock climb, hard or otherwise, or assume that if holds were there I could simply pull on through to glory”.

"Shizzle Man" John Long



Spokiz product tester and White Water Adventurist Aaron Koch “King of River SUP” will take you to Mexico! Stand Up Paddle Mexico


Classic Spokiz Style Kayaking with Team Kayak Huasteca

“Johnny kayak”  sweet video of Team Spokiz Athlete Jhonatan Cendejas Alvarez

Team Jalco getting Unhinged

Spokiz loves Mexico!!!

Brad McMillan Celestial Falls Team Spokiz getting-er done in open canoe

Some sick open canoe by Brad Mcmillan

Jacob Kowalewski Hand Paddling the Green-photo by Renee Bombardier

Jan 12, 2013 Spokiz Sponsers Alsesecca Race Aventurec is host of the  Alsesecca Kayak Race
The first extreme-style international kayak race in Mexico! The course covers 2.2k, with about 20 steep rapids and waterfalls, on the Alseseca River near Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, put on for the benefit of clean water and the preservation of rivers.



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